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Real Friends makes an impression in Washington D.C on The American Candy Tour

When people hear the about the American Candy Tour, one can automatically think of the new release for pop, indie-rock band, The Maine, but on this tour, pop-punk band, Real Friends, is an act you don’t want to miss. The Illinois based band has been taking over the music industry by storm since their debut EP release in 2011, This is Honesty. Since putting out their full length album, Maybe This Place Is The Same And We’re Changing, late last year, the Fearless Records band has managed to make quite the impression by gaining a ton of new listenership while still maintaining the support of older fans as well.

Mothers Day most certainly did not hold back the crowd from seeing Real Friends in Washington DC. With hundreds of fans lined up hours before the start of the show, it was inevitable that the nation’s capital was going to make that Sunday night unforgettable. With great acts that performed prior to Real Friends’ performance, it was clear that DC was anticipating an incredible performance from every band on this spring tour. As front man Dan Lambton took center stage, the 9:30 Club erupted in massive applause and cheer. “I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to say you love me then you left me for dead”, Lambton sang. The room shook from this intensive sing-a-long, captivating every single person in the venue. As the set continued, Real Friends was able to grasp the attention of listeners in this nearly sold-out venue, causing people to get off their feet and jump.

This pop-punk band managed to put on an unforgettable set that left the nation’s capitol wanting more angst-driven songs. The five-piece act conveyed intensity, and full emotions throughout their performance that left audience members lingering on to every lyric Lambton uttered.

The American Candy tour is currently wrapping up their nation-wide run, so make sure to check out the remaining dates below!

Remaining Dates:
May 14, 2015 Thu Jacksonville Beach Florida Freebird Live
May 15, 2015 Fri St. Petersburg Florida State Theatre
May 16, 2015 Sat Orlando Florida The Beacham


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