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Neck Deep Announces New Album, Song, and Video!

In most recent news, Neck Deep and Hopeless Records are proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated full length album Life’s Not Out To Get You produced by Jeremy McKinnon (The Ghost Inside, Issues). Fans can pre-order the album now or wait until it comes available for purchase on August 14th, 2015. Click here to go ahead and pre-order the album:
The album is already been noted by Alternative Press as one of the Most Anticipated albums of the year. Things could not be going better for Neck Deep as they have also released the first single from the album, “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”, a video for the track, and they will also be on Vans Warped Tour all summer long. unnamed

As to be expected, Neck Deep is very excited about the upcoming things for the band, vocalist Ben Barlow explains, “Can’t Kick Up The Roots is about my hometown of Wrexham in North Wales. At the time of writing it we had been away for 3 months in America, so home was very much on our minds. On one level it’s about how much our hometown sucks – we really don’t come from anywhere glamorous, quite the opposite in fact – but by the same token, that’s what makes it ours.” If fans are looking to catch the new songs being performed this summer they will have various opportunities: Slam Dunk and Redding and Leeds Festival in the UK and Vans Warped Tour. Neck Deep is still made up of the original group formed back in 2012, keeping with their pure punk sound and putting out the music that they love to make. For any other information in regards to Neck Deep head to the links below.

Life’s Not Out To Get You – Track listing

  1. Citizens Of Earth
  2. Threat Level Midnight
  3. Can’t Kick Up The Roots
  4. Kali Ma
  5. Gold Steps
  6. Lime St.
  7. Serpents
  8. The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)
  9. December
  10. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors
  11. I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You
  12. Rock Bottom

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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