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Redlands Premiere New Track “Top Shelf Liquor” on PureVolume

On Monday, the indie rock band, Redlands premiered their newest track “Top Shelf Liquor” on PureVolume. This is the third single off of their upcoming sophomore EP, Adventurer, which drops on July 14th, 2015. It’s a catchy tune and probably my favorite summer jam to be released from the bands EP thus far. It is an awesome sing along anthem that lead singer Ben Lohle says it’s “…about being different, being yourself, and being someone that doesn’t need a title to be defined.”
Stream the song here:–Top-Shelf-Liquor

Redlands was formed in early 2014, putting their own spin on rock and roll and taking it up a notch every time. From their first EP, The Lonewolf, to the upcoming EP Adventurer, Redlands has been hitting their tracks spot on. They have also worked with amazing producers Matt Grabe (The Maine, This Providence) and Matt Malpass (Copeland, Relient K) to put out both records. As far as touring goes, they were featured on Van’s Warped Tour last summer and are planning hitting the road this upcoming summer in support of the EP release. Keep an eye out for any upcoming tour dates and be sure to check out the full EP on July 14th.

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Words By Tiffany Taylor


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