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Circa Survive Are Far From Decensus

This past weekend Doylestown natives, Circa Survive played the last show of their U.S. Spring Tour. The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA was tightly packed for the nights event that kicked off with opening acts Chon and Balance and Composure.

The lights dimmed and Circa Survive took the stage. Frontman, Anthony Green took center stage and began getting the crowd pumped out yelling for a roar from the hundreds of fans. The band slowly built into the intro of “Child Of The Desert,” one of the hits from their newest album, “Decensus.” From the first song to the last the energy that Circa brought to the Sherman could probably still be felt today. Anthony wasn’t short in crowd interaction either, high fives to all the crowd surfers and even giving the mic to the fans to take the lead for parts. When the night started to come to an end the guys performed, “Nesting Dolls,” a song Anthony stated was the most serious song they’ve ever written. The seven minute ballad featured the drummers from the earlier acts playing the percussion parts at the end to add to the dramatic build up. After the band left, Anthony hopped on the drum kit and various members of the tour joined the stage to jam before closing the night with, “Get Out.”



  1. Child of the Desert
  2. Schema
  3. Strange Terrain
  4. Through the Desert Alone
  5. Glass Arrows
  6. Sharp Practice
  7. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose
  8. In the Morning and Amazing…
  9. Phantom
  10. Only the Sun
  11. Holding Someone’s Hair Back
  12. In Fear and Faith
  13. The Great Golden Baby
  14. Nesting Dolls
  15. Get Out

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