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Starland Goes Modern Vintage

Sixx:AM is a name known by young and old. The guys are currently out on their first ever headlining tour. The Starland Ballroom has had its fair share of high end acts but these guys were a whole other ball game. Being a band for seven years gives fans a lot of time to expect something big and in 2015 they got it.

With Crue announcing that they will end their run in 2015 it was easy enough to figure out that Sixx would be turning full his attention to his side project. Joining Sixx is,  DJ Ashba on guitar, James Michael on lead vocals and touring drummer Dustin Steinke. Hundreds of fans waiting outside the Starland Ballroom fighting the wind and talks of bad weather, eagerly waiting for the seven pm door time. Once they opened fans rushed in to get a front row spot. A little bit after nine P.M. the venue went dark and the introduction from their first album, “The Heroin Diaries.” The Christmas bells rang and ‘X-Mas In Hell,” began. Dustin quickly took the stage and was welcomed by the roar of the crowd.

Watching a seventeen song set that consisted of songs off of every album is an experience unlike the rest. The energy and excitement the band shows on stage is incredible. For those who missed Jerseys date check out the setlist below and relive that night.



X-Mas In Hell Intro
Let’s Go
Give Me a Love
This Is Gonna Hurt
Pray for Me
Dead Man’s Ballet
Accidents Can Happen
Live Forever
Gotta Get It Right
Help Is on the Way
Goodbye My Friends
Lies of the Beautiful People

Life Is Beautiful



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