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Blessing A Curse Premiere New Video for “Down The Rabbit Hole”

Orlando hard rock band, Blessing A Curse, took a new twisted route with their latest video, “Down The Rabbit Hole.”The video follows a murderous villain concealed by a quite creepy bunny mask and ends with well.. you will just have to find out. Exploding with energy and suspense, Blessing A Curse certainly kills it with not only the incredible vocals and insane guitar riffs that they are putting out with the track but also a killer video that, in my opinion, hooks you more in the most interesting, twisted way. I urge you and fans to check out the video right now at:

Blessing A Curse has been putting out an intricate, progressive sound since 2013. It has not been a long time since the band came together but they have be making waves in the rock scene ever since they were formed. Although they are unsigned that hasn’t stopped the group made up of Joshy Singer (vocals), Brandon Swanson (guitar), Jorge Romani (guitar), Anthony Lara (bass), and Cameron Parker (Drums). from doing what they do best: making insanely good rock music. They may come off with a quite vindictive persona, but their style shows an incredible motivation to grow and to develop into a stronger group. Keep up with all Blessing A Curse has to offer in the links below.

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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