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Too Close To Touch Releases Video for “Until I Collapse”

Kentucky post hardcore band, Too Close To Touch, recently released their video for song “Until I Collapse”. The song is featured on their latest album Nerve Endings which out now on Epitaph Records. The video shows the band in their best state: just being their damn selves. Too Close To Touch has not been a band long and are still learning the music that they want to make, however they are so consistent in the feel that they bring from song to song that it is hard to see any disconnect. In “Until I Collapse” it’s like we are right their with the band writing music and recording in the studio. If you had no idea who they were until this moment and until this video, it beautifully portrays who Too Close To Touch is, a group of guys who love what they do.

Since 2013, Keaton Pierce (vocals), Mason Marble (guitar), Thomas Kidd (guitar), Travis Moore (bass), and Kenneth Downey (drums), have been focusing on creating refined music and taking things at their own pace. Clearly things have paid off for the band, as they progressed they grew in popularity and took the eye of huge record label, Epitaph Records. Now, with barely a full length album under their belt, are touring with names such as Emarosa and A Lot Like Birds. Too Close To Touch has reached a place so quickly that many bands really struggle with: balance. They have created gorgeous lyrical content with dark and mesmerizing vocals yet they have pop-ready melodies. The overall sound is unique and exciting but relatable. From Keaton himself “First impressions are everything. You’ve really got to kick the door down and really have that explosive start.”

Nerve Endings is out now and available for purchase through Epitaph and iTunes.

“Until I Collapse”

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Words By Tiffany Taylor


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