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Blackalicious Announces They Are Back!

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone announced to the world the group’s return after ten years of keeping it quiet. Their last LP, The Craft, which came out in 2005 was the last fans heard of the influential hip-hop duo. Now that they have announced their return, it has been said that Blackalicious will be self releasing Imani Vol. 1 which is the launch of their Pledge Music Campaign. Along with the release, a new track is also available “On Fire Tonight” featured on SoundCloud.

Now that the boys are back and are anticipating their fourth album, it is marking a huge milestone in their career. Chief Xcel told Rolling Stone “Each album we do together tends to be a journey within itself that represents a very specific chapter of our lives.” Blackalicious is still the amazing duo of Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel. Their new track “On Fire Tonight” features guest vocals from Myron (Myron & E) with an amazing soulful touch. The song also really highlights the dynamics of Gift of Gab’s vocals and Xcel’s interesting production style. Blackal_Photo1

The 3 years in the making album, Imani Vol. 1, is scheduled to be released on August 14th, 2015. It is the first of the planned trilogy and was named “Imani” for the word “faith” in Swahili. Prepare to see appearances from artists such as: Lifesavas, Lateef, Lyrics Born, Monophonics, and many more and keep an eye out for Blackalicious and their amazing comeback in the coming months.

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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