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When All Else Fails Covers Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”

New York band, When All Else Fails recently released a cover of pop princess Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time”. The cover is nearly flawless as they have added their own melodic hardcore spin to the track, making punk rock hearts sing all over. Along with releasing the cover, they released it with an official music video that you can check out here:
The video itself features the band playing and singing the track, with a smoky yet interesting atmosphere. It seems a bit “typical” but when it comes down to it, it definitely works. You’re going to have this jam on repeat for a least a week, because it is just so damn good.

When All Else Fails includes vocalists Rich Canci and Kayla Aquafredda, guitarists James Kenny and Matt Skjeie, and James Aquafredda on drums. The band’s whole philosophy is to destroy life’s overwhelming obstacles, of which we all seem to face at times. They take hardcore music and add this metallic shine to everything they do and make it powerful but sleek. Their debut EP Stepping Stones is a mix of this hardcore sound with a splash of pop construction. Their first single, “Agree to Disagree” is the first ‘stepping stone’ into the world of bad ass rock music. Check out and keep up with When All Else Fails in the links below.

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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