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Seth Glier “If I Could Change One Thing” Album Review

Seth Glier just recently put out an amazing record If I Could Change One Thing that went on sale April 7th, 2015. Already a grammy nominated folk/pop singer, Glier gives us a perfect coffee shop soundtrack that paints stories of love and heartache and everything in between. Not only in his music is Seth Glier nearly perfect, but on the outside of this big music industry bubble, he is a huge advocate for autism. His older brother was diagnosed and growing up Jamie taught him such important lessons and to this day, Jamie is his biggest inspiration for his music and the drive in his life. Taking all his inspiration and passion and putting it into this record has been so rewarding for his fans and himself: “I set out to make an album of genuine moments where I’m sitting inside of the stuff, not getting out in front of it”.

He is currently on tour with Crystal Bowersox (American Idol) and she is also featured on the new record. With his incredible smooth voice and soft melodic sound, If I Could Change One Thing is bound to make you melt. By being produced by Bill Lefler (Joshua Radin, Dashboard Confessional) in the words of Glier himself Lefler “was the perfect producer who gave me a safe place to quiet my mind, trust my intuition, and have way too much fun.” So if you have the time, are about to take a long trip, or simply love good music, check out Seth Glier and his new album, it is simply beautiful.

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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