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And Still We Will Be Here

The four piece electronicore band from Hertfordshire, England, Enter Shikari, is currently out on tour supporting their newest album, The Mindsweep, a clash of metal and dubstep all in one high energy filled album. As the lights went down the stage lit up as a giant banner displaying their latest album artwork lit up and for light panels came to life displayig the number 8. A voice over the PA came on much like one you’d here from the video game, “Portal,” and the countdown to showtime began. An eerie synth flooded the theatre as Rou and the rest of the band entered the stage, they kicked off the night with “The Appeal and The Mindseeep Pt. 1.”

The entire show was a huge party basically, dubstep break down Rou and Rory playing most of the set from the crowd, on top of bars and even from the very back of the venue. Rory even gave his guitar to a fan at one point to play the song but the guy froze up and everyone had a good laugh about it. I would describe that night as a metal meets step and all I can say is that this is not a show you want to miss. Theres a lot more dates left on this tour so be sure to check them out! Dates Here.


  1. The Appeal & the Mindsweep I
  2. Destabilise
  3. Radiate
  4. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
  5. The Last Garrison
  6. Juggernauts
  7. Never Let Go of the Microscope
  8. Myopia
  9. Torn Apart
  10. Interlude
  11. The Paddington Frisk
  12. Mothership
    (Motherstep 2.0 Remix)
  13. Anaesthetist
  14. Solidarity
  15. Slipshod
  16. Sssnakepit

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