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An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw “Leave Me Alone” Video Premiere

Most recently, An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw premiered his latest video for “Leave Me Alone”. This aesthetic, short video channels the youth in all of us, remembering all the times we’ve wanted to run away from all the day had to bring. Michael Shaw, with the video and the song, wanted to channel the idea that you are never too old to want to escape and get away. It appeals to all emotions: the excitement, the anger, the sadness, the thrill, as you move from nature scene to nature scene, it is artistically remarkable. It is at it’s peak when the younger version of himself flips back and forth with him now fiercely playing the piano, just another reiteration that sometimes you just have to run. The intense piano and use of exhilarating drum beats send you off into the video, as if you we’re there too, running down the boardwalk into personal freedom.

An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw is scheduled to debut his deeply intimate and personal album This Is It early this summer. After spending much time in Ireland where Shaw grew up, he was able to compile and write a beautiful record that expresses all of his own musical ideas. Bringing everything full circle, the album was recorded in Norther California where Shaw lives now, and completing an album that he is very proud of. Be sure to check out the video in the link below for “Leave Me Alone” and keep an eye out for the release of This Is It later this year!

“Leave Me Alone”

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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