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Flash Bastard “Wild”- Album Review

Flash Bastard is scheduled to release their latest record Wild April 14th, 2015, that is full of disco, funky jams that take you back to LA’s club scene in the 80’s. There is no way to appropriately put into words the exact sound Flash Bastard is trying to achieve, but it works in the best possible way. Imagine being covered in glitter, wearing hot metallic, and calling yourself a sex panther, that is exactly what this album is going to do to you. If post-disco is a thing, then this is it. The band includes its original members, Donal Finn on vocals, and Pete Mills on guitar, still absolutely being the perfect mess that they are.Untitled

The record begins with “Wild” which is totally necessary to reel you into the cutesy, bopping beat and sensual voice of Finn that almost just makes you want to take your clothes off. What is most impressive is that two people can create such a fun loving jam that makes the listener believe there has to be more people behind the immense creativity that went into the music they create. Then you have “Bleed On Me” that has a rougher melody from Finn and a bit more luring sound from Mills. Either way, you’ll want to “work it out” after ten seconds into this song. Overall the entire record grows on to you, appealing to the 80’s in everyone. Wild drops April 14th, and you can check out Flash Bastard in the link below.

Official Trailer for Wild

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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