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Zebrahead Release Video for Unreleased Track “Devil On My Shoulder”

Zebrahead officially released a new video along with a brand new song, “Devil On My Shoulder”, off their upcoming album The Early Years- Revisited”. The song and video is not only brand new to everyone it features Jean-Ken Johnny from A Man With A Mission. The new album is available for purchase April 21st via Rude Records and includes re-recorded fan favorite songs along with a bonus track and new song. By releasing this new track and extremely fun video, the band is going to intrigue their fans even further for the release of this upcoming album.

The video is exactly what Zebrahead is all about. The band is dispersed all over the place and a lot of which does not make sense, but that, of course, is the point. Within the first minute you’ll want to be jumping up and down singing the chorus and dancing with the man in the wolf head. The band just pours out all their energy into this video and it was a perfect way to capture the song. “The song ‘Devil On My Shoulder’, featuring Jean-Ken Johnny is highly addictive to listen to and was a blast to record. It’s great to work with a band like Man With A Mission. The band is very talented and great to collaborate with. I think everyone is going to really enjoy singing along when we play the song live!” – Ali from Zebrahead. All in all, Zebrahead set the bar high from what to expect from The Early Years- Revisited. Check out the video now and keep following Zebrahead in the links below.

“Devil On My Shoulder”

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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