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Broods Ride The Coattails To Philadelphia

The lovely and elegant New Zealand brother and sister duo who go by the name of Broods graced the stage at the Trocadero in Philadelphia this past Thursday. When the lights went down, the Nott siblings opened the show with the upbeat hit ‘Never Gonna Change’ off of their most recent album Evergreen. The duo seamlessly danced through the set into ‘Everytime’ with a hard hitting, heart-dropping chorus. Broods slowed down the pace of the show for the middle of their set sending the crowd into an emotional haze while still maintaining complete control of the crowd and the show. The instrumentation and live translation of the songs on Evergreen were beyond expectation, as backing tracks were kept to a minimum. Caleb’s live sampling and playing was top notch, as was Georgia’s, as she doubled on keys at certain points of the show as well. Truly a show that I would highly recommend attending if you’re a fan of true artistry!

Words by Gina Petro. Photos by Zach Foerst


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