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Corey Kilgannon “Hosptial Hymns” EP-Review

The newest EP from Corey Kilgannon, Hospital Hymns, will be released March 31st, 2015. Within the first ten seconds of listening to this upcoming Nashville singer/songwriter, it was easy to be swept away into the beautiful harmony and message Kilgannon was trying to convey. The record features five songs depicting the questions and complex thoughts that correlated with his faith and growing up in the church. From Kilgannon himself, “Hospital Hymns is an EP that I hope will cause people to take a minute to think about what they believe, why they believe it, and to be ok with not understanding the world” which is message most people believing in a higher power can relate to.Corey Kilgannon - Hospital Hymns

The EP itself was completed in January in Smoakstack Studios after his tour in Germany. Produced by Brendan St. Gelais and with the help of artists such as Will Chapman (Colony House), Nick Johnston (Mr. Manager) and many others, Hospital Hymns was created and it could not be more beautiful. The soft guitar cords and the breath of Kilgannon’s voice in “Hospital Hymns” sends chills down the spine. With a familiar melody, he is able to lure the listener in with his captivating lyrics. Then you have “Soft Gentle Brilliant” that has a beautiful guitar backdrop and a melodic appearance from The Red Headed Indian, who most angelically speaks of never failing message to appreciate the little things in life and be aware of the creator’s love for all.

Overall, Corey Kilgannon is worth checking out and this EP is definitely worth the listen and purchase. The video for “Soft Gentle Brilliant” is out now (link below) and Hospital Hymns will be available for pre-order via LOUD and out for purchase the 31st.

“Soft Gentle Brilliant”

Pre-Order available with LOUD

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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