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Full Devil Jacket New Album “Valley Of Bones” -Review

Full Devil Jacket is back after nearly a decade since the release of their debut album, with the brand new Valley Of Bones. This record is the perfect resurrection for the band. Ten years ago, Full Devil Jacket was touring with rock radio superstars Nickelback, Creed, Slipknot, and Slayer. They had videos streaming on MTV and various singles on the Hard Rock Charts, until one evening singer, Josh Brown, overdosed and almost died. The band is back and completely reenergized, especially for the loss of previous guitarist Michael Reaves to cancer, they now play in his honor.

Valley of Bones keeps on with the signature dark, resonant, rock sound Full Devil Jacket is known for. The album is very consistent in it’s stimulating hooks and steady groove. All the lyrics paint pictures of life and real feelings, clearly coming from the heart and soul of Josh Brown himself. Some of the songs mesh all together, however you do have standout tracks like “7X Down”, because with the insane guitar work by Varnick and Broderick, you can feel the music pulsing through your veins. Slower tracks like “What If I Say” puts you on your toes with an increasing melody that sends you through the whole song nearly breathless. All in all, Full Devil Jacket has made record for the books and we hope this come back is entirely appreciated as it is released March 31st, 2015.

You can pre-order the album now, and check out any dates the band will be on tour below.

Fri 20 Mar 2015       The Chance                               Poughkeepsie, NY, US

Sat 21 Mar 2015       Starland Ballroom                 Sayreville, NJ, US

Sun 22 Mar 2015     Muncheez Bar and Grill        Beckley, WV, US

Tue 24 Mar 2015     Altar Bar                                    Pittsburgh, PA, US

Wed 25 Mar 2015    The Outpost                              Kent, OH, US

Thu 26 Mar 2015     Hard Times Cafe                    Fredericksburg, VA, US

Fri 27 Mar 2015       Mickey’s Bar & Grill                Lancaster, OH, US

Sat 28 Mar 2015       The Machine Shop                 Flint, MI, US

Mon 30 Mar 2015    Fine Line Music Cafe              Minneapolis, MN, US

Tue 31 Mar 2015     Rt 20 Outhouse                    Racine, WI, US

Wed 01 Apr 2015     Johnny’s Roadhouse              La Porte, IN, US

Thu 02 Apr 2015      The Mad Magician               St Louis, MO, US

Fri 03 Apr 2015        Trees                                         Dallas, TX, US

Words By Tiffany Taylor


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