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Heartless Breakers “The Great Give Back” Debut Album- Review

10945716_411058245728145_324903910025702901_nHeartless Breakers finally gave us what we were all aching for, their first full-length album The Great Give Back from Animal Records. The title completely suits the situation, for we have been begging for something more after their first two EP’s Prescriptions and Lighter Doses. With only ten songs, The Great Give Back gives the perfect taste of what Heartless Breakers is all about. Made up of Matt Macarenas (guitar), Chase Griffis (vocals), Bryan Lee (drums), and most recently Sean Jurewicz (guitar), they bleed pure emotion into this record, leaving their fans and myself breathless.

The album opens up with “Right Mistakes” reeling you in with crisp drumbeats from Lee and lustrous vocals from Griffis. Although claiming rock as their genre, you can feel of hint of alternative and pop/punk sound and maybe even some influence like standout names such as Taking Back Sunday and The Story So Far. As the album rolls on, Griffis’ voice becomes more of a standout as you move through each song, whether it’s standing on it’s own or flowing with the rest of the band, it is spot on. Ending with “The Great Give Back”, a melody to perfectly conclude the album has incredible sound from Jurewicz and Macarenas and a subtle but powerful heartbeat sound from Lee. It quickly leads you out making you wonder what could have been said. Check out the album premiering March 10th and upcoming spring tour “Sundressed” dates below.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

April 16th– Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court

April 17th-Denver, CO

April 18th– Albuquerque, NM- Duke City Sound

April 19th– El Paso, TX- Sector 7

April 20th– Tucson, AZ- Gary’s Place

April 21st– Phoenix, AZ- Secret Venue

April 22nd-Los Angeles, CA- White Oak Music

April 23rd– Pomona, CA-Flyway At Fox

April 24th-Bakersfield, CA- Jerry’s Pizza

April 25th– San Francisco, CA- Milk Bar

April 26th– Eugene, OR- The Boreal

April 27th-Portland, OR- Analog Café

April 28th– Boise, ID- The Shredder

April 29th– Logan, UT- Why Sound

Words by Tiffany Taylor


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