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Pillow Talk, What We Should Have Said: Review


pillowtalk album coverRecently signed to Animal Style Records, Memphis’ own Pillow Talk has officially released their second EP What We Should Have Said March 3rd, 2015. Building off their first EP Recreational Feelings, this five-song continuation and breath of fresh air pulls you into a spell like trance as they take you under with crisp sound and reverbed vocals. I believe during this brief break between the two EP’s has allowed them to find the direction they want to go in musically and we can expect great things to keep flowing out of them.

The band began as two, vocalist Josh Cannon and guitarist Calvin Lauber, but as the project became bigger, they decided to take it further by adding in Kevin Gibson, Hunter Davidson, and Sam Leathers. By really listening and appreciating this record, there is a lot of truth and meaning behind the sound and lyrics, basically as the band says “Every song on the EP is about some form of a relationship or friendship going sour due to lack of communication, and that’s the underlying theme throughout What We Should Have Said” and it’s crystal clear from song to song their message that they’ve conveyed. From the magical, ambient interlude “Bent” in the beginning, to the long melodic ending that is “Escape Me”, you cannot help but beg for more from Pillow Talk.

Check out their newest EP out now, and their various tour dates:

March 6th – Nashville, TN – The End

March 7th – Evansville, IN – PG Café

March 8th – Akron, OH – House Show

March 11th – Audiotree Session – live @ 1pm

March 11th– Chicago, IL –Fizz

All links to the band and their music can be found here:


Words by: Tiffany Taylor


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