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Man Overboard / Senses Fail Split EP out today!

“I try to talk but I’m in too fucking deep”, we’ve all been there (everyone nods in agreement). This is exactly where the upcoming split between Man Overboard and Senses Fail places us; somewhere between awareness of our heartache and ignorance of the cause as the duo of vocals between Zac Eisenstein and Nik Bruzzese sing “We cover our wounds in salt and ask why we’re in pain”. Man Overboard brings their pop/punk formula back to the table with their new song “One Fixed Point” and a little extra with their cover of Senses Fail’s beloved “Cute When You Scream” that even diehard Senses fans will be able to appreciate.

Senses Fail pick up the pace in the split with Gavin Caswell pulling at the bass as if it were attached to the chambers of your heart as the rest of the band falls in behind acting as the nervous system that’s balling your hands into fist before you even know what you’re doing. “All You Need Is Already Within You” is a track that’s sure to bring a new generation of fans into a mix of people who have loved this band for years as they scream along together to vocalist Buddy Nielsen reassuring them, “You have a heart, don’t forget this!”

Senses finish the split with their take on Man Overboard’s “Real Talk” which they truly make their own and even sounds like it could be a b-side from Let It Enfold You which is coincidentally celebrating its ten year anniversary. This is Senses Fail very first split and they’ve done it right choosing a band from their home state to share it with.

These bands are in no way new to their respective scenes and with this split they collectively show they’re still making noise for old and new fans alike. Pick this release from Pure Noise Records up today and catch Senses Fail on their ten year anniversary tour for Let It Enfold You and their upcoming tour with Bayside, Man Overboard, and Seaway this spring.

– Hunter Dawson

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