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Sam Smith Lays Down New Single

Once again Sam Smith delivers with another hit! “Lay Me Down,” Smith’s newest single set to release on March 15, 2015, is impeccable. The vocals, as always, are stellar and the smooth beat cannot help but get you feeling some type of way. From the first line of the song, you’ll be hooked by an almost a cappella vocal delivery, to the chorus when the strings and piano take hold of you. The song is very melancholy but the vocals will definitely leave you smiling. Much like “Stay With Me” the Grammy nominated artist conveys his emotion through music and the song will definitely skyrocket to the top of the charts once released! If you are thinking the single is going to be the version you heard on the album, you’re wrong. Sam Smith re-recorded this version for the single release and trust me, it’s everything you could have ever asked for.


Written by Phil Maldari


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