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Starland Commits This To Memory

Motion City Soundtrack was one of those bands of your childhood were you knew the song but never knew what it was called, but once it came on you could sing every lyric word for word and you loved it. Ten years ago MCS released an album titled, Commit This To Memory, an album that too this day still is played by people young and old. For many of us it was the album of our childhood and for others it’s a brand new album to us. Each song has a different emotion and feeling. Each lyric attaches to you and you remember it and feel it. It’s really a powerful album and one that you can’t find too much today. Playing this entire album front to back is an amazing thing to watch live. To see these guys basically relive the first years of them as a band it’s like a whole other world. The energy they give on stage and the performance is just incredible. They have one month left on the 10 year tour. Be sure to make it out to your local venue and check these guys out!


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