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The Winter Jam Freezes Over Reading

Skillet returned to the Santander Arena this year, and they brought a couple of friends this time, nine of them actually! Partnered with the Winter Jam Tour Skillet brought together, Veridia, About A Mile, Blanca, for King & Country, NewSong, Family Force 5, Jeremy Camp, and Francesca Battistelli. The show was one of the best I have ever attended. Tickets on the other hand, were very strange to me. No pre-sale, doors at 6PM, $10 dollars at the door general admission, sit wherever you’d like. Fans waited hours on the freezing streets that wrapped around the arena, huddled in blankets, dedicated hot chocolate runners, and of course hand warmers.


Veridia – Zach Foerst Photography


When doors opened at 6 it wasn’t long before the first band took the stage. Veridia, Female fronted electro/rock group from Nashville. took the stage as the venue had maybe 300 people tops, inside as fans were still piling in and they played like they had a packed house. Playing a small set of only three songs, they had barely enough time to give you a full experience but, was it a show to die for.

Family Force 5-14

Family Force 5 – Zach Foerst Photography


The rest of the night was filled with acts ranging from rock, pop, gospel, and even a little electronic dance. With huge names like Family Force 5, Newsong, and Jeremy Camp it was not a surprise that the the whole place was packed from top to bottom. All 9,000 seats filled for what was going to be the best night they’ve had in 2015 so far. Ranging from pop to rock to the more mainstream Singer/Songwriter, Winter Jam had it all this year.

Francesca Battistelli - Zach Foerst Photography

Francesca Battistelli – Zach Foerst Photography

After an amazing set by Francesca Battistelli the stage changed over to the last bands set up. and the arena fell dark huge LED screens flooded the stage as Skillets into video began playing. As the violinists took their places the music picked up and the lights went wild. John, Korey, Seth, and Jen took the stage and fire engulfed the stage as the first riffs of, “Not Gonna Die,” began. The crowd imeediatly went wild. Fire, lasers, everywhere. You could feel the energy (and heat) that was surging through the place. Song after song Skillet had the crowd going crazy. It was made clear this was a show you didn’t want to miss. There is still tons of dates left on the Winter Jam Tour. And it’s only ten bucks for ten amazing artists. So go and get yourself out there!


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