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The Izod Center Prepares For Hell

It has been a very successful fall season for Iowa natives Slipknot. They not only released their first album since 2009 on October 21 entitled “.5 The Gray Chapter”, but they also embarked on their huge “Prepare for Hell Tour” with their friends in Korn. According to the band, a tour with Korn is something that has been talked about for years and they finally put it in motion for their release of the new album. “.5 The Gray Chapter” had some huge shoes to fill. Not only was it their first album in a long time, but also it was their first without Paul Gray and Joey Jordison – two founding members. By the way the reviews have gone for the album it is safe to say that they have gone above and beyond with this one.

The “Prepare for Hell Tour” hit the Izod center in East Rutherford, NJ on Saturday, December 6th. Fans came from near and far to see the highly anticipated show and some even tailgated in the rain – now that’s dedication. The venue was filled with many excited fans; some even dressed up in Slipknot masks and jumpsuits. You could tell as soon as you walked through the doors that this was going to be a concert to remember. After the first band King 810, finished playing, there was a change in everyone’s mood. Fans were getting more and more excited to see Korn and Slipknot.

Once it was time for Slipknot to get on stage, there was a huge fancy curtain blocking everyone’s view of their stage set up. As soon as the lights dimmed the opening track of “.5 The Gray Chapter” entitled “XIX” started up and Corey Taylor yelled the words, “With my face against the floor / I can see you knocked me out of the way…” Once the song hit the whole crowd was electrified and the curtain finally came up to expose the band and their very detailed stage set up.

Slipknot’s set was filled with a great mix of their new material and old jams for their fans that have loved them for years. I honestly do not think they could have put together a better set. Overall, the show was one you would not have wanted to miss.

Words by Steph Malfatto. Photos by Zach Foerst


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