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Halestorm Reigns Over Starland Ballroom

When the Halestorm tour was announced months ago there was no doubt that it would sell out the Starland Ballroom and within weeks it was. As the date finally approached fans waited outside then venue in the freezing wind and cold for hours just to pile onto the ballroom floor for a good spot for the night. The Dead Deads opened the night up featuring a full female rock band. Even though they had a short 30 min set they managed to pack every single emotion they had into each song. If you get the chance definitely give them a listen you won’t be disappointed.

Up next was New Medicine. The hard-rockers from Minnesota, have been making there name since 2009 and are no strangers to the Halestorm crowd. Starting their set off with the title track of their latest album Breaking The Model. Filling the set with hits new and old the energy didn’t stop flowing. The band finally came to a close with the hit single, “One Too Many.”

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The time has come, the stage was set. The stage, flooded with smoke and purple lights as Lzzy Hale took the stage to sing’ “She Won’t Mind,” as she finished the short intro song the rest of the band took the stage and roared into, “I Miss The Misery.” The huge glowing Halestorm symbol flickered to life and the stage brightened and revealed the rest of the band.Guitarist Joe Hottinger came right up to the front riser and gave the crowd a screeching solo that could be heard through out the entire venue. Song after song the crowd got louder and louder screaming every lyric right back at Lzzy. Around the middle of their set they slowed it down a bit with “In Your Room,” and “Break In,” and then immediately into a pounding drum solo by Arejay Hale. The band left the stage after “Love Bites (So Do I),” and the crowd was cheering for an encore. They came back out to “I Like It Heavy,” and then finally finished the night with “Here’s To Us.” All in all its a truly awesome experience being at a Halestorm show. Dates for the rest of the tour listed here.

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