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Wildcat! Wildcat! Energize New York

Opening the night at Bowery Ballroom was Sun Club Band. A group of young guys with a sound so unique, they are hard to describe. With an interesting skill set of rhythms and shouts they left the crowd energized and hungry for Wildcat! Wildcat! One thing is for sure, they are not afraid to show off their dance moves. 

LA based band Wildcat! Wildcat! ended their tour, No Moon At All, in New York. This intimate venue was the perfect setting for this indie pop trio band. Using synth beats to their advantage, they had the whole floor jamming to each song. Included in their set, was a surprise retro cover of Paula Abdul’s song ‘Straight Up’. Where they used their unique style to add a new flare to Paula song from the 80’s. Wildcat! Wildcat! feeds of the crowds energy and pushes through every song effortlessly without loosing any momentum, even with multiple broken drumsticks. With one EP and only just releasing their first full length album, the guys ended the jam packed night leaving the crowd with as much energy as a Paula Abdul work out tape (which is a good thing)!

Photos and Words By Emily Pomeroy


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