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The World Tour Collides With Toms River

Pierce The Veil is out with the guys in Sleeping with sirens on the first leg of their world tour. Supporting the first half of this tour is, this wild life, and Beartooth. Seeing this show is just a bunch of mixed feelings. You start off with his wild life, which takes acoustic style, and feel and throw’s you a curve with their punkish backgrounds. After you’re all warmed up with some up beat harmonies and acoustic riffs, your greeted by Beartooth, Caleb Shomo’s Hardcore project. During their set your either bashing your fist into the guy next to you or hiding on side trying not to get pulled into a mosh pit. After his set the room falls dark as a huge white curtain is dropped with the girl from the, Collide With The Sky, artwork.

Pierce The Veil-1


The band takes the stage (still behind the huge curtain) and kick off the night with “May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight” and as the full band kicks in the curtain drops, confetti flies and they run right into “Hell Above.” The entire hour set was fill with sounds old and new, an acoustic version of “I’m Low On Gas and You Need A Jacket.” During “Bulletproof Love,” they even called a fan on stage to sing to. To end the Night the closed with “King For A Day,” and had Kellin come out to get the fans even more excited by joining Vic and the guys for the closing of their set.



Sleeping With Sirens was set to close the night. Starting their set off with their newest single, “Kick Me,” Kellin and the rest of the guys took the stage and the crowd exploded. Filling with more confetti and now the smoke from cO2 cannons. The 12 song set featured a couple acoustic songs one being their cover of “Iris,” and then ended the night with “If You Can’t Hang.”


If you were unable to make it out to the first leg of the tour the second half starts in California on January 23rd with support from PVRIS and Mallory Knox. Dates here.



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