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The Superstition Tour Darkens Philly

There will always be those bands that stick with us phase through phase. Through our emo, our hardcore, our pop-punk phase, we pick up different artists and New Years Day and The Birthday Massacre have been two that too this day are still out there doing what they love. They both are out on tour supporting their new albums.

New Years Day had opened the night with their song “I’m No Good,” off their album, Victim To Villian, and filled their set with new songs and even some really old ones. The entire 45 minute set was filled with everything you could hope for, soft melodies, driving guitar, and pounding drums. if you have the chance pick up their brand new EP. Epidemic- EP – New Years Day

The Birthday Massacre have been around since 1999 and aren’t showing any signs of slowing. With six studio albums under their belt they’ve shown us there here to stay. Coming from the same genre as New Years Day, TBM, show the darker side to goth-rock while still holding strong to the female fronted style. With tons of crowd interaction and sing alongs this is a show you wouldn’t want to miss!


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