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Oh Honey shakes Washington D.C

Oh Honey is a New York based band with a distinct indie-pop sound. With a rolling start in 2013, Oh Honey released their first EP, With Love, and since then, it has received a positive response. With popular tracks such as “I Love You Will Still Sound the Same” and “Be Okay”, Oh Honey has been able to create a solid fan base, pulling listeners in with their individualistic sound. Released earlier this year, Oh Honey’s EP, Sincerely Yours” has managed to create quite the mark in the music scene, and this folk-pop band is only getting started.

As the Honda Civic Tour came to a close end, a sold out DC venue welcomed the Brooklyn based band. Opening up the night, Oh Honey was able to get audience members of The 9:30 Club off their feet, dancing to their various tracks. This indie-pop band was able to keep listeners swaying along throughout their set, always keeping a momentum of energy present on stage. Oh Honey’s unique folk-pop sound was able to successful give an energetic performance, prepping audience members for an unforgettable night at The 9:30 Club for the Honda Civic Tour.


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