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Anberlin Say Farewell To Philly

On Tuesday, Anberlin had their first night in Philly of their last tour, ever. Selling out both nights of the TLA, the guys made sure to leave a lasting impression on us all. Since 2002 Anberlin has been working their way to the top, album after album their fanbase grew and grew, becoming more and more of a cult-like following, from shirts to tattoos, Anberlin was everywhere. Fast-forward to January, 2014, the band announces that this year would be their last and that they will release their seventh, and final, album later that year, followed by their last tours, to celebrate the album and what the band has become in all these years.

8:30 came around and the packed TLA grew dark and the crowd roared as guitars screeched through the venue’s PA, the band took the stage and kicked off the night with, “Never Take Friendship Personal.” The 20 song set was packed with hits from every album and kept the attention toward the music the whole night, finally ending with “(*fin).” There is about a week left of the tour if you can attend one of the last dates you wont be disappointed, just be ready to catch all the feels. Shows listed here.


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