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Gerard Way Gets The Gang Together At Starland

Gerard Way is a name that needs no introduction. Being around the scene sine 2001, Gerard fronted the internationally popular, My Chemical Romance for 12 years. Rising from a small basement band to selling out arenas is one thing, but to create such a “cult” like following to where the same fan base will follow you from one band to the next is a feat itself. Hesitant Alien is Way’s new solo album and he has been taking on the world with it. Since signing with Warner Bros. Records he’s already performed at UK festivals such as the Reading and Leeds Festivals earlier this year which was the first of his solo shows.

As the closing act left the stage Gerard’s band took the stage the room fell dark an the crowd screamed as they waited for Way to take the stage. The crowd fell silent as the bands intro song came through the clubs PA, the band took the stage one by one and as way joined in “The Bureau,” kicked off the night. Way made it pretty clear that this was his stage taking full control and using the huge space to advantage by running from front to back, side to side to make sure everyone got a piece of what he had to offer. The whole night was filled with a ton of energy and lots of crowd interaction and also included a more then satisfying cover of ” I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone,” as an encore. All though his US run is over he has a couple of upcoming dates in the UK and then is back at it again in January for what seems like a world tour. Dates here.


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