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Phantogram electrifies Washington D.C

The electric-rock duo, Phantogram, is taking on the music industry by storm with their unique rhythmic sounds. The New York based pair is continually selling out tour after tour, while performing at some of the most iconic music festivals ranging from Sasquatch to Firefly. Phantogram has managed to make multiple live appearances on live television, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. With the release of their most recent album, Voices, Phantogram has received such a positive response, capturing the attention of countless listeners.

Last night, Phantogram made a stop in Washington DC, selling out the 9:30 Club months prior. The duo performed an electric set leaving the crowd holding on to every song Barthel and Carter played. Opening the night with “Nothing But Trouble”, Phantogram was able to capture the attention of every member of the audience, belting lyric after lyric. The crowd gave a roaring response to hit songs such as “Black Out Days”, “Fall in Love”, and “When I’m Small”. Phantogram was able to give DC an electrifying night with their stellar performance and ace stage presence.


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