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Metro Stations EP “Gold” is Gold


Today, October 14th, Metro Station puts out their EP Gold to show the scene they’re back and better than ever. Electro-pop duo Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso gave the public five songs that will have you singing along like you’re back in 2007 in no time. “Love and War” gives you their expected sound with lyrics that reach new unexpected heights from these guys. “She Likes Girls” explains itself in the title, but don’t hit skip just yet, this song is easily the most upbeat and catchy song on the EP. Then we have Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set featuring in the song “Forever Young” giving every listener another reason to catch these guys on tour together this fall with The Downtown Fiction and Against The Current. Pick up your copy of Gold today in stores and on Itunes.


Buy tickets to The Outsiders Tour with Metro Station,The Ready Set, The Downtown Fiction and Against the Current here:

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