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Twenty One Pilots Fake Out Philly

They say quiet is violent, so it was a good thing the Tower Theatre, screamed as loud as they could this past weekend when Twenty One Pilots, had sold out night two of their stop in Philly. The indie-tronica duo of Tyler and Josh, have taken the music scene by storm selling out almost everyday of their current tour, most at the date of sale. The guys have been our supporting their current album, Vessel, which includes hits such as, “Holding On To You,” “House Of Gold,” and “Car Radio.”

As the room darkened, a huge glass bulb lit in the top corner of the stage and we were greeted with our host for the night, Nigel. As the orb of light spoke to us, the stage filled with smoke and the sound of the keyboard faded in. Two spotlights lit behind Josh and Tyler, each standing on top of their instruments and then bass line for “Guns For Hands” started. The crowd immediately jumping in unison made the whole floor of the the theater move beneath their feet. Each song of their set beautifully choreographed with their light show. Tyler even greeted the balcony during the encore and had finished the rest of “Truce” standing on the edge of the first row of seats.

The Quiet is Violent Tour continues for the rest of the month and then heads over to Europe. Tickets here.


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