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Yellowcard Releases “Lift A Sail” On October 7th

Photo Credit- Katie Hovland


Formed in 1997, Alternative Rock band Yellowcard is set to release their seventh studio album on October 7th 2014. Widely known for their album Ocean Avenue released in 2003 with hits such as “Empty Apartment”, “Way Away”, and self titled “Ocean Avenue”, the alternative quartet does it again. Starting off with “Convocation”, violinist Sean Mackin gets a chance to open your ears with the edgy slow and serene sound Yellowcard is known for. Like Ocean Avenue, this album will have you hooked in minutes falling under their spell of catchy choruses and meaningful lyrics. Unlike it however, Yellowcard brought in heavier guitars and drums to prove to their fans they can amp up their sound while staying true to themselves. Ryan Key’s vocals never disappoints as it ranges from that song you blast on a road trip to that comfort you need during a breakup. From beginning to end this is sure to become the next ‘feel good’ album in your collection.


Pick up Yellowcard’s new album Lift A Sail on October 7th via Razor & Tie Records.

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