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Texas In July’s “Bloodwork” Release Date September 16th


Formed in 2007, Texas In July was like any other American metalcore band, dropping their first EP “I Am” in 2009. In 2011 they had their first full length album, “One Reality” hit stores and gave them the publicity they needed to take off into the scene. A year later they followed up with a self titled EP “Texas In July” and are currently anticipating the release of their new album, “Bloodwork”, to be released September 16th. Broken Soul starts the album with the classic Texas In July sound, fast tempo with intricate guitar parts giving the listeners’ heart rate a workout. If the vocals sound not so Alex Good, it’s because it’s not. Leaving the band under circumstances with his family, Good has been replaced with new vocalist J.T Cavey. Cavey’s voice matches and slightly improves Texas In July’s sound with a crisper scream and smoother singing voice. Halfway through the album Decamilli gives drummer Adam Gray, bass player Ben Witkowski, rhythm guitarist Chris Davis and lead guitarist Cam Welsh the recognition they deserve. It provides the listener with three minutes and twenty-three seconds of straight instrumentals that will leave you in amazement. The final track Bloodwork starts off with their typical sound of fast guitar and heavy drums only to rope you in with a melodic chorus to finish this album off strong. Pick up Texas In July’s new album “Bloodwork” on September 16th from Equal Vision Records.

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