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When I’m Older To Record New Full Length Record


Earlier this week I was able to talk with Jesse Clark of When I’m Older to discuss their plans about hitting the studio for a new record.

HB : How many songs do you write before you consider a record to be “done”?

JC :We don’t really have a set number of songs to write because this is our first thought out record. Our first record I had just graduated high school and the plan was just to record some of my acoustic songs I had been writing and when I got to Charles’ house to start working on the songs we started working on some new songs together and reworking my songs and reworking songs he had and we became some sort of duo with help from friends on the records. Whenever we played shows after that it was just friends helping us out. We reached our first solid line up recently and started having songs as a very real collaborative effort. Everything started to fall into place so we just decided that it was time to start the record

HB : What was the song writing process like for the new record?
JC: Most of the songs on this record I wrote versions of over a year ago, I think the oldest songs I wrote only a month after we recorded our last record. I sat on these songs for so long just writing and charles was just writing and in the past couple of months when we finally figured out who was going to be in our band we took songs and said “instead of this being my song or Charles’ song, lets make this our song, lets make this together.” and we ended up completely rewriting some songs, writing new songs, and reworking parts of a lot of songs and we ended up being a completely different band than whatever Charles and I were on the first record. I even considered changing the name because I thought it was a different band, but we decided that we can do whatever we want and its not like we have a fanbase expecting anything anyways hahaha.
HB : Do you have a release date yet?
JC : The record will most likely come out in the spring, maybe we put it out ourselves on team shithead, maybe we team up with another label, whatever we end up doing I’m just ready for the songs to be out, but definitely expect it by the spring.
HB : Since there are a few members of Latin For Truth in this band, Do you feel these songs will appeal to the same audience as LFT?
JC : As far as us being a Latin For Truth sideproject, its a little more than that because I started writing music as “When I’m Older” and even some of these songs, before I was even in Latin for Truth, but some came after too and there’s definitely some crossover potential. I think people that like LFT might like this band but you definitely don’t have to like LFT to like When I’m Older
HB : Any certain band influences on this record?
JC : Our band influences are weird because bands that people might say we sound like aren’t bands that we see as influences most of the time. Our music comes from all of us being into really weird bands. Charles mostly takes inspiration from old jazz stuff and Tom Waits, and songwriters like Ryan Adams and Leonard Cohen. Joh is what I like to call a good ol’ boy. He listens to a lot of George Strait and other country music but his favorite band is Kings of Leon which you can definitely hear in his style of playing. Corey takes inspiration for drum parts from all over the fucking place, a lot of hip hop and gospel stuff which is where he comes up with the most insane drum parts that have no place in “alternative” music which makes it that much better. When I write songs I draw influence from crazy different things. I listen to a lot of musical theatre and metal respectively. I’m not really sure haha. 
Tracking for the new record begins in Rainsville, AL later this month with Lucas Smith engineering, alongside production from Adenine Owl.
When I’m Older is (left to right) Jesse Clark (vocals,guitar) Charles Hastings (guitar) Joh Chubb (bass) Corey Killough (drums)
RIYL : Kevin Devine, Bad Books, Weezer


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