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FEVER FEVER prepares to release a new album ‘Aftermath’

Fever Fever’s indie rock sound started forming in 2005 and the band was recently signed to Slospeak Records. The music has a connecting feeling that brings the listener lose with the musicians and makes something that all can relate to. Their newest album that has yet to come out, ‘Aftermath’, is sure to break ground that will reach out to others outside of their Columbus home. Fever Fever’s earlier music can be found on hit television such as  The Real L Word, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and popular show Teen Wolf!

The band is currently excited to release their new single from the album, ‘Hypnotized’, which is available for streaming here on Baeble Music’s webpage:

‘Hypnotized’ is also featured on their new album ‘Aftermath’ which is available on iTunes for preorder which will be available September 16.


Track Listing for Aftermath:

Sea Meets Earth
Hope is a Child’s Toy
Beautiful Dream
Line in the Sand
Inceptiones Novae



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