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The Goo Goo Dolls Slide Into The PNC Bank Arts Center

Last week The Goo Goo Dolls took on Holmdel, NJ like it was their last show ever, but luckily it wasn’t. Jon and Rob are still out on the last leg of the tour and tickets are still available. Playing a range of songs from their earliest album to their latest, the Dolls had the whole amphitheater going crazy. Every lyric of every song was shouted back at the band in unison from the over 10,000 fans. The energy was insane and the band had shown no signs of slowing. Be sure to check out one of their shows, you wont want to miss it. Check out the gallery and setlist below!

Setlist from Holmdel, NJ

Big Machine
Rebel Beat
When the World Breaks Your Heart
Already There
Another Second Time Around
Come to Me
Black Balloon
Stay With You
Here Is Gone
Caught in the Storm
January Friend
Bringing on the Light
Better Days
Slow It Down
Let Love In
Give a Little Bit


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