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Rise Against – Black Market Album Review

Rise Against kills it again in their newest album “Black Market”.

The band that formed in 1999 has grown in sound over these fifteen years however, if one thing has stayed the same it’s the message they stand for. The message that punk-rock music should do exactly that…stand for something.
Kicking off the album with their song The Great Die-Off the band calls for a revolution, speaking for him and all of the people that agree to rise up.
The band then changes their message when leading into the up-beat positive song Tragedy + Time which speaks of taking the good with the bad and looking forward to the good rather than dwelling in the past. Sudden Life, a later track resembles this idea of living and enjoying life, rather than “dying all your life”.
Tracks that turn back to the angst-ridden calls for a rise up in the people to stand for what they believe in, likely speaking out against a corrupt government include obvious The Eco-Terrorist In Me, and A Beautiful Indifference,
Rise Against takes a different sound in Methadone when speaking of a failing relationship that can’t be saved.
Again a more melancholy sound in the song People Live Here, taking a desperate call out for understanding of the world around them.

Black Market is a grab-bag of miscellaneous songs, carrying a different meaning to each person with every different song; but still manages to keep your attention through the entire album. You can pick up the album on iTunes – Music – The Black Market by Rise Against


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