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Vans Warped Tour hits Camden, New Jersey.

Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari.

Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari.

Vans Warped Tour celebrated their 20th year this summer and is still going stronger than ever. These are the days that fans, musicians, photographers, interviewers and volunteers count down all year for. The punk rock summer camp stopped in o  Camden, New Jersey on Friday, July 11th. Fans stood outside in the heat all morning just to be the first ones through the gates. Upon the gates opening around 11/11:15, fans can be seen sprinting to the huge inflatable that lists all of Warped Tour’s bands and their set times for the day. Kids want to be sure that they will not miss their favorite bands because they can play as early as 11:15!

The greatest thing about Warped Tour is that fans can come together and bond over their favorite bands. Whether the band is one of the biggest in the scene, or a local band just trying to find their way. The support given at each date of this tour is incredible. Kids walk around all day watching bands that they have never heard of and they always leave having a more varied taste in music. Bands hold signings to meet their dedicated fans daily. It is just such a great environment to be around.

Alan Day of Four Year Strong.

There are bands that are Warped Tour veterans such as The Devil Wears Prada, Enter Shikari, and Four Year Strong whom have played many years of the tour and are currently on the Main Stage. Then, there are bands like Dangerkids, Heart to Heart, and Neck Deep whom have been rocking the Kevin Says stage all summer and taking in their first Warped experience. The crowds for these bands grow each date as word of mouth gets around to check them out.

Not only is Warped Tour a series of concerts, but year after year the tour grows and includes many more aspects. There are tents to meet YouTube stars, organizations to get involved with,

Overall, Warped Tour is the #1 tour of rock, pop punk, hardcore, and alternative music that people are constantly talking about. We all have Kevin Lyman and his amazing staff to thank for 20 amazing years of great music and bands. Everyone mark your calendar for next summer – see you next year, Warped Tour!




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