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Our Last Night and Set It Off come alive in New Jersey

It’s about time we see Our Last Night and Set It Off on headlining tours, even better a co-headlining tour. That’s exactly what the Come Alive Tour brings you. You get your heavier side with OLN and your softer side with SIO. It was like bringing two sides of the same scene together for instant unison. Our Last Night is currently out supporting their latest album Dark Storms, the guys have been hitting it harder the ever and the fans love it. It has been non-stop for the guys a different show every night with a crowd more wild then the last.



Set It Off is out supporting Our Last Night on the tour and if your one of those people that only show up for the headlining act you are surely missing out on these guys! Set It Off is currently in the process of writing new music and is playing one of their new songs live every night of the tour and of course with all the hits from Cinematics. From start to finish the guys don’t ever kill the energy and they use every chance they get to get the crowd involved! If you have a chance to come out to The Come Alive Tour, you definitely need too. its a night you don’t want to miss!



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