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Four Year Strong’s “Go Down in History” EP Review

That’s right, the Massachusetts based punk-rock band that once destroyed car stereos in 2010 is back and ready for their comeback after a near three year hiatus.

After their record In Some Way, Shape, or Form gained some heavy critcism for straying from their intensly popular, unique sound of Enemy of the World  the band seemingly fell off the planet. Tours were limited, no new music was released, and rumors floated of a break up emerging from the once festival headlining band.

Fast-forward to present day pop-punk in 2014 and new bands have emerged with a different, softer sound. However, FYS is back and ready to break the mold that has consumed the music scene with their newest EP release “Go Down in History”. The EP starts off right into the sound that we all knew and loved from their previous 2010 release with their hyped guitar riffs, leading into the finger-pointing angry choruses into the breakdown that was so anticipated through the song.
The EP is interesting because it keeps the dark lyrics, which is similar to “In Some Way…” however is musically similar to Enemy’s “It Must Really Suck..”.


Song list:

What’s in the Box?
Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth
Tread Lightly
Go Down in History
So You’re Saying There’s a Chance…

Their entire EP is full of all the sound we would have wanted from the comeback of one of our favorite punk rock bands. If you haven’t bought the EP yet from a Vans Warped Tour be ready for it to be available for purchase July 22nd! If you want to see FYS on tour they’ll be on Warped Tour for the rest of the summer dates.


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