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Vesta Collide Release Official Video For “Outreach (The End)”

Michigan based Metal/Rock band Vesta Collide have released the official video for their track “Outreach (The End).”

Our video for “Outreach (The End)” was shot in Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California by Director Sam Link.

In our debut single and music video, we specifically wanted to carry a positive theme. It’s closing the doors of non-fulfillment and mentally being reborn in times where we’re drowning in pessimism and antipathy. Putting an end to the monotonous cycle of letting our lives transpire without action, not settling. Outreach is pursuing everything you’ve ever wanted, coming clean with yourself and making a definite change, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t matter. You drown out the voices because the only thing that matters is what you believe. Time is our only limitation and we can’t let that pass us by. We want each person who listens to our song to know that they have the power to cut ties from all the negativity and adversity that has been placed upon them. It’s the start of a new place in our lives and a confident transition with leaving the past in the past. Letting the future unfold in a way that leaves you completely blissful and free.Mark Pfromm (Vesta Collide)


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