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Linkin Park’s “The Hunting Party” Album Review

Tomorrow Linkin Park releases their highly anticipated new album ‘The Hunting Party’. With this latest offering the dynamic 6-piece rock band delivered their most aggressive and intense album to date, returning to the top form many have felt has been missing since after Meteora. One has to think if Hybrid Theory had been released today that it might closely resemble The Hunting Party. That’s not to say this album sounds exactly like Hybrid Theory, as it is a whole different beast entirely, but it is in a similar vein. Linkin Park is at their technical finest on The Hunting Party which features some uncharacteristic blistering guitar solos from Brad Delson and Rob Bourdon drumming at a sometimes frenzied pace. There are several times throughout the album in which the band could be mistaken for a mid-80s Metallica. There are also great hooks aplenty from co-frontman Chester Bennington as well as his trademark throat-tearing screams. As always with Linkin Park, the glue holding the whole thing together is Mike Shinoda. When he isn’t spitting some of his best rhymes to date or singing beautiful melodies, he is holding it down on rhythm guitar and playing piano. The versatility the band shows on The Hunting Party is astounding and leads to some truly shocking and awesome moments. If you have heard the lead single “Guilty All the Same” you are somewhat prepared for what’s to come, if not you’re gonna be in for a ride. This is not an album to sleep on, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you pick up the album when it hits stores tomorrow, June 17th.

Standout Tracks: Keys to the Kingdom, Guilty All the Same, Wastelands, Mark the Graves, A Line in the Sand

Write up by Rob Intili of Out of Ashes
Twitter/Instagram: @rob_ashes

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