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In Our Glory, Growing Pains, Review

In Our Glory is an Alternative-Rock band from Union County, NJ. Fronted by Gina Petro, the four piece keeps rock alive with their upcoming album. Growing Pains, is set to release May 16, on all major music platforms and physical copies will be available at their merch tables.

IMG_3524Growing Pains, starts off with consuming guitar riffs and drum fills that only bring you to turn up the volume. So after you piss off the neighbors, the music takes on this emotional roller coaster that really packs a punch with heart-felt lyrics and driving melodies. Songs ranging from lucid ballads to heavy hitting rock solos, Growing Pains, is an album that will not disappoint you and if you can, keep your ears tuned for the modern day civil war salute at the end of their song…… On second thought you’ll have to give it a listen to for yourself. Growing Pains, out everywhere May 16. Be surety check out their set at Skate And Surf Festival in Asbury Park, NJ.

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